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Don't know what to say or even if I should say anything.


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Today is the anniversary of my boyfriend's grandfather's death whom he was closest to in life. I want to send a message, but I have no right words at the moment especially since he hasn't spoken to me in almost a week.


I really want to show him that I want to be there for him on this day or to show that I am thinking of his well being and his emotions.


Should I leave him along since he hasn't shown any sign of wanting to speak to me or should I send him a message? If I should send him something, what should I say? So lost...

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Why hasn't he spoken to you in a week? Is that related to the death.


If so, I'd send a message saying that you realize he needs space but that you're here for him when he needs/wants you to help in any way possible. You can't force your way into the situation if he doesn't want to express his feelings regarding it, but certainly letting him know you're available to help him in any way HE wants is the kind and caring thing to do.


If his lack of contact is about something else, I'd work on getting to the bottom of that first.

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have you tried to contact him since your last post?


No I haven't. I don't want to push him further away so I'm giving him his space. I know my behavior pushed him away, but I really think that he's just in a depression this week about his grandfather so he needs just to be alone. I don't want to send a message about us. I just want to tell him that I'm thinking about him and hope he's well, but can't find the actually words.

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How about "Things arent gonna fix themselves if you run away and hide from me each time we get into a fight"


He has done this before where he starts NC - this isnt fair to you.

Sorry to go offtopic.


If you want to contact him about his grandfather, a short and sweet message letting him know you are thinking of him today is okay in my opinion

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