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I dont know what to do? Why do I feel like this?

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I dont know whats wrong with me .


All of a suddern I seem to have gone off my boyfriend. Thing is I am never happy around him, but yet I cant break up with him.


I know I do love him - but I don't get what I want from him.


I have built my life around his and he has done nothing to change his.


Maybe cause we never get alone time anymore we are grown apart. I feel like I need to see him all the time for him to love me. I make excuses to see him right after we go back to work from lunch. So I can feel that he loves me etc.


I just feel very vaunrable. I want him to call me nice names and be romantic with me and he doesnt. We dont even have that much intimacy, because we are hardly ever alone.


Lately I have started to make excuses also to do things with him. I dont even know if he turns me on anymore.


It is a horrible feeling.

Yet I cannot live without him.


Its like I want to be with him - but I want him to give me what I want. So I continue to stay with him in the hope that he will give me the emotional support that I need.


Maybe its the environment around me. I hate my job, I hate my home life. I am in debt. I cannot save any money.


I just feel dead I dont know what to do.


I want his eyes to light up when he see's me and they dont. Yet he tells me he loves me? I don't understand.


I am so confused right now.


Has anyone ever felt like this?

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