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iBrokens umpteenth reconciliation with the Gym


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So I once again have signed my life away for a membership at the gym. Thankfully I get a 10 day trial period to see how I like it - here is to hoping that if I decide to back out, there arent any hassles.


I used to be into working out - keeping a tight body (But my flabby stomach has always been an issue). In the past few years, I have become lazy and unmotivated. Going to the gym has been such a chore (and still is IMO).


But I have been fighting a depression as a result of my break up in the fall. As a result of having my world flipped upside down, I walk around with quite a bit of anger. I also have problems falling asleep at night which have resulted in me being late for work on a few occasions in the last couple of weeks. My alarm clock doesnt wake me and before I know it, I start work in 10 mins and I am just waking up in a panic.


I think that the gym might help with these issues. I need an outlet for my anger my therapist says. Fine, Ill walk it off - maybe I can even progress to a jog. I seem to have some insomnia - so I will hit the gym around 9pm. That way, Im bagged after a workout. 9pm also seems like a great time since I was there for the tour at 6pm and it was a friggin meat market and packed with the 9-5ers


I lost a ton of weight after my split (however this was the "I'm so heartbroken I cant eat" diet. I began to enjoy how small my waist had become. My partner and I are working on our reconciliation and so now Im back to eating and my waist is expanding. So here's to hoping that some cardio and exercises can tone it down.


For now, I dont plan on going to the gym on a hardcore basis. The gym is literally 5 minutes away. I am hoping that in my pangs of boredom, I will be inspired to go get fit. I used to spend alot of time playing video games, and there was no room for my partner or the gym. Now that I have kicked that crazy addiction, I have lots of time on my hands. This might be a good thing.


In the end, I hope to become a bit more healthier. Maybe I will get back into the habit of eating protein shakes, and enjoying the gym. I have my doubts, but Im hoping that this time I can plow through it and stick with it.


Here is to hoping that the Gym and I sucessfully reconcile.

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