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Should a girl really make the first move?


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well he asked me to dinner already, i took that as the first move. and when we went on the group date, i thought maybe it would relax him and show him we could have a fun time together. and that happened on friday. and i saw him last night and we talked a lot at the bar and laughed.. and i'll see him tonight. i guess i just want him to ask me out again so we can have a 1 on 1. i dont know what more i can do to let him know im interested unless i write I LIKE YOU on my forhead..


if he wasn't interested, i feel like he would be distant like his brother is. just a hi here and there. not fully coming over to talk to me, ask me how my day was, how im doing, and ask questions about my life, ect. his brother says hi, and i never see him again. he's always around me.. circles me like a vulture.

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