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3 weeks to the day, she makes contact...advice needed

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Well Three weeks ago yesterday I showed up at her store told her that I loved her and that I wanted to make up. She coldly refused and said she just wasnt feelin it. That her feelings had changed. (as I heard a new text come through from her pocket book and an akward look on her face at that moment)...That's when I realized I'd been replaced and went total nc since.


She sent me one text a week later (on wed. date night) "Do you think I could have my pretty sneakers back that are at your house? ; ) "


she sent a duplicate 5 hours later....


I replied the next day "was tied up. Yes, you may have your ruby slippers back ; ) "


I then sent a flat rate box to her house with her nick nacks and all stuff relating to her.


Then Yesterday I get this text: "hey i rang u last nite i wanted 2 see how ur doin say hi"


3 hours later she placed a call to my cell and I did not pick up. No voice mail.


How the hell after i tell you I love you, you reject me ( for someone else) I send you your S*** in a box...do you say hi..and how are you doing?... * * * ? 3 weeks to the day and hour that I tried to get her back..


So I've been thinking about this...alot. To respond...or not to respond.


I was either thinking "Hi...I'm very well thank you. School almost out."


or complete silence.


I would love to hold this girl again and try to experience those good times again though I'm much more over it now. I could take it or leave it at this point. If you pressed me on the issue...yeah of course I'd say yes...Not sure how to proceed....

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I might not reply to this text. She doesn't ask a question, so let this one go. She also didn't leave a voicemail.


I have a feeling you'll be getting more contact from her, and it may be contact where she does leave a voicemail or asks you a question, and then a simple response would be appropriate. So save the replies for when you actually need to respond.


I don't think letting this text go will push her away---she knows how you feel (you tried to woo her and get her back), and now I think pulling away a bit will do you good and create the best conditions for her coming back if a reconciliation is in your future.

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