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Eating Advice - Yes AGAIN

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Frozen vegetables are great for you nowadays (before they weren't very nutritious, but today they are flash frozen).


If you like to cook though, you could just challenge yourself to do one new recipe with a different vegetable a week. That way you explore new things you may like, without overwhelming yourself trying to "cram" them all in.

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Yes, that is true, but I will put it like this, have you ever noticed the difference from garden and from frozen supermarket, there is a noticeable difference, even if it is their version of fresh (Most likely frozen and then put out on a shelf somewhere). The more time in the freezer, kills the taste and vitamins and I will say this again, you have to make what ever you got work for you.

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I agree with the other posters. I just wouldn't want to dampen your enthusiasm by making this too complicated. Frozen vegetables are much easier to deal with if you have a busy life, and they are much better for you than what you've probably been eating in the past. True fresh vegetables, like growing your own or going to a local farmer's market, are clearly the best. As you assimilate into this lighter eating style and develop your palate in that direction, you eventually might grow more interested in exploring this as an option sometime down the road.


I just want to reiterate my previous point that what you're trying to do now, frozen vegetables and all, is probably light years ahead of the way you were eating in the past. I would hate to see you take on too much at once, and overburden yourself to the point where you eventually decide to forget the whole thing. It sounds like you know the basics. Just find something that works for you and is sustainable for your lifestyle. Think of this as a lifestyle change, more than a "diet."


Also remember, it's okay to "fall off the wagon" on Saturday night and go to a cocktail party or have a lavish meal. It's what you do the other 90% of the week that counts. Don't give up just because you have an occasional "pig-out." Do whatever you need to do to make this work for you. That will ensure your best chance for future success - adopt the mindset that "I'm going to do this for the rest of my life. Period."

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I always wondered, to those 'green bags' they advertise on TV really work? I'm not vegan but we do buy quite a bit of vegies and they often go bad, sometimes we'll get to most of them other times the whole bag of celery goes to waste.


I have used these... and they DO work!! My Gram had gotten some at some point in her travels and gave me a couple of them to try out as we were ahving issues with our fruits and veggies going bad before getting to them. I have no clue why they work, but they do. Our veggies and fruits lasted a good week more than they usually do without the bags.


Here's a link for folks that haven't seen them:

[link removed


"Debbie Meyer™ Green Bags® prolong the life of fruits and veggies without the use of chemicals. Fruits and vegetables stay fresh! Green Bags® help absorb damaging gases and prevent moisture formation, prolonging the life of fruits, vegetables and flowers.


Controls humidity and discourages mold, bateria, fungus and decay. All bags are reusable up to 10 times."


They at lest buy you a few more days between shopping visits!

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