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My summer cleansing fast

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I recently had a vacation where I of course and and drank way to much lol.

Feeling a bit sluggish right now so I want to start a 'cleanse' or fast for a week.


I'm not doing a water fast..but probably mainly fruit, broths, herbal teas and water. Gonna start tomorrow.


Anyone else done this sort of cleanse?

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my friend did some pepper and honey crap? she said it felt good. i think it's crazy. just eat properly.


I think you're talking about the Master cleanse which is Maple Syrup, Cayenne Pepper and lemon juice. Thats ALL you have for like a week...no solid food.

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You need to make sure you still get protein. I’m in the process of the cleanse (the holidays didn’t treat me so nice lol). But I use weigh protein shakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner (as suggested by the doctor). Make sure you still drink lots of water and still exercise. It works really well, doctor told me to continue for another two weeks and then start introducing small portions of eggs, etc into my diet at a slow pace until the weight is back to where I want it.


Edit: (I lost about 6-10 pounds that first week...)

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