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You know you are on ENA too much when....

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....you are out having dinner at a restaurant and hear a girl talking at the next table about her now ex boyfriend.


She was talking about how he was upset that she defriended him twice on facebook - I said (to my partner at the table) there are 5000 users at enotalone.com who have done the same thing. She then said she didnt understand how he was being so cold towards her when things were going so well between them not too long ago. I then said (again to my partner) there are 3,787 users who are wondering the very same thing.


She then said something about how she wanted to make it right between them (I guess she reacted to something which caused her to flip out which in turn, caused him to walk away). Again I said there are 1,489 users at enotalone who want to do the same for their ex.


I was chuckling to myself the whole time. She was being so loud I almost got up and walked over to give her the referral to this site.....but I didnt think her or her friends would have appreciated it


Anyway - thought Id post up because I realized that I clearly spend alot of time here when stories off eNa make their way into the real world LOL


Edit: I posted this in Off Topic - can someone move this to healing after a break up? I think this kind of humour would be appreciated in that forum

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Yeah, i know what you mean. This site gets seriously addictive.


You are right...it is soooo additive. I know I need to break away for a while. Im on here every single day several times aday. It is part of my internet set ups.


The thing is that I have learned so much about relationship on here and the learning dont stop.

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For me this site has been one of the main reasons why I haven't got back with my ex.


All my reasons are exactly the same as last time, but now I see people going through the same things, peoples great advice, and people who have come out of it the other side.And that has helped me no end


Love this site

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This site truly saved me with the breakup, made me realise so much.


My alarm bell is when I start worrying about how some members are doing 0_0 or if I relay stories to my friends. I have to stop myself and say "quirky, this is not YOUR problem". Helps me in real life too because I am naturally too compassionate.

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More than any other resource I can think of, this site has been the best method for me to cope with heartbreak. Even more so than my therapist and friends! I mean, the advice here is often phenomenal, PLUS, there's the added benefit of going through thousands of pages of archived threads, which despite their age, are always still very applicable to the moment. Everything here is timeless!


I was sitting in Borders bookstore two weeks ago, and this 50-something yr old woman casually requested my help in trying to spot a particular book about mending relationships (she didn't have her glasses). When we found it, she added, "Great! I really need this....I've got to win her back or at least learn how to deal with it."


You know I referred her here. I just hope she remembered the name of this site and I do hope she found her way here.

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I'm on this site pretty much every evening if I'm at home. I log in on the mornings to check threads I've subscribed to before I go to work, and I check it on my iPhone during the day, though I don't post as much using it because the typing is a faff.


I got very annoyed the other day when my service provider blocked the site on my phone, telling me it was 18+. I had to ring up customer service and tell a nice lady I was not going to put my credit card details on some random site to unlock parental controls, she was going to do it for me right then. And she did.


Hm. Reading this back, it appears I have no life! I do love this site though, I've found myself thinking 'what would ENA say?' when a dilemma comes up.

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im addicted to this site. Coming here makes you feel real good except I end up coming here when im not down now


lol. I figure if I'm not feeling down someone else is and I can help them feel better for at least a few minutes! I feel like I'm volunteering in a way

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I've noticed this so much too. I love when people come here and think their situation is so unique, it's never happened before etc...I felt the same way and probably made a post saying something similar at one point. The longer you are here though you keep seeing the same thing.


Sure, all people and relationships are unique, but a lot of things that happen before, during, after the breakup are all the same.

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^ Thats exactly how I felt as I was listening to this girl broadcast her break up in the restaurant...she was saying things like they had a great connection, nothing like she had ever felt before and blah blah blah. When she said that, I was like I hear that alot on eNa. Then she started on the other stuff and thats when my wittyness stepped in and I gave the commentary on how many eNa users are asking or wondering the same thing LOL.


And catdancer, your post is hiliarious. I seriously LOL'd out loud when I read that.


As for the site. Its addicting and I do love it. I especially love to be there to give advice or share experiences.


I know I have some tough love in my posts but at times, I wish I had someone giving me some tough love when I was down and out.

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I've found myself thinking 'what would ENA say?' when a dilemma comes up.


You think that's bad? I find myself making decisions based on what kind of trouble i'll get into if I do something and I then need to post a thread on it! Have to say it's kinda been working for me so far though lol

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