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It was the best of weekends, it was the worst of weekends...


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There's this girl I've been interested in for a while. We met at work about two years ago, but back then we were both in relationships. About a year ago she broke up with her boyfriend and moved back to her home town, but we kept in contact, writing to each other and having lunch when she visited town. (Always in the company of my colleagues though.) For a while now I've had quite a lot of feelings for her, but she's never showed that it was mutual.


Until a couple of weeks ago when she asked me to go to dinner with her when she was in town. And it really clicked between us, it was just awesome!


So about two weeks ago I asked her if I could come and visit her for a weekend. She said she would really like that, but she pointed out that she wanted to take it really slow, that she had a lot of things at her mind at the moment.


Just one day after that she asked me if I could visit her this weekend. So I did. And it was one of the best weekends I've ever had. We talked and talked, made out, slept together, had sex. It just felt so right. (The sex part was her idea, I really didn't do anything to take it in that direction, at this time I would've been very satisfied just meeting her as a friend, sleeping on the couch.)


So everything was just amazing, until Sunday. Then she wanted to talk. She told me that she was unsure of her feelings, that she didn't want to hurt me further down the line. That she needed time to think. Haven't heard anything from her since then.


So basically it feels right now as if we became a couple on friday and broke up again on sunday... Any idea why someone behaves this way? At first wanting to take things really, really slow, then not taking them very slow at all, quite the opposite actually, and then getting cold feet...? I'm just SOO confused right now...

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I would give her some space and see if she reaches out to you. Sometimes people don't think they want someone until the person kind of disappears and then suddenly they realize that they do want him/her. I would wait a few weeks and see if you hear from her. If you don't, then I would say that she isn't interested. But I wouldn't take it personally because she sounds like she is confused in general about what she wants.

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