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What type of boss do you have? How to handle him/her?

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What type of boss do you have and how do you relate to him/her?


It's a question I ask because I feel king of confused about my current boss. I've been working for him for about two years. I'm his assistant. But the fact is that he doesn't need an assistant (he alwasy says so), he actually hired me to be the Board of Directory's assistant.


He's nice and comprehensive, but I recently realized that he doesn't like people that are creative and proactive... and I am used to be like that way... he got really upset when I came with more answers than he asked...


I also realized that he changes his mind frequently. For example, last year the President of the Directory asked me to do a training course, but my boss said that he thought it wasn't necessary. Anyway I did it. This year I should continue with this course, but I was kind of tired and just wanted to make it later, but my boss says that it is important to do that training...


So I would like to have some clue how to deal with him.





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Sometimes you have to go along with the culture and mentality of the company & your superior especially if he/she has been with the company for many years. Some people may want to change things in the most positive and optimistic way but it doesn't always work with every position.

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From what you wrote and I dont know this man but I would say he is:

1. Insecure about his decision making ability (These people typically want back up, make sure I am doing things right) which is OK and keep giving it to him, probably why your there working for him in the first place.

2. That he doesnt like change. Which is normal for anyone (it's like the mom and pop store bringing in the computer when it's not needed until they can see that it isnt as bad as they thought). I have normally tried to bring things in slowly to the work place or I will state that I would like to propose something, and you want his imput on it. Something that he feels he can contribute to which he will more than happy to want to implement.

Just mt thoughts

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My boss is egotistical and also very changeable. I don't think he's consciously aware of either of these traits. Don't get me wrong, it can get incredibly frustrating sometimes, but overall, I think he means well and is just trying to do the best he can. My job isn't to reform him (as if I could), but to support him in whichever way he feels comfortable. So, instead of filing in filing cabinets, I file in files scattered on the floor. Instead of planning and working ahead of time and getting through my to-do pile every day, I work by the seat of my pants, because however he works, is however I had to learn how to work.


Sometimes I want to pull my hair out over it, but in truth, he's really taught me to adapt in ways that I haven't had practice in. I'm a planner who's learned how to figure things out FAST, to change directions on a dime, and instead of just planning ahead, planning ahead for virtually every single possible outcome. He's also taught me how to schmooze, and how to stop blurting out the truth at the drop of a hat. In a way, he's made me more of an adult.


My advice would be to find someone you can safely complain to, and adapt. People don't like to change, and your boss surely won't, but if you want to keep the job and it's worth the stress, learn to do things his way.

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Thanks for the respond and the suggestions.


I want to keep this job. I have different experiences in different type of jobs, but it isn't that healthy to change so much, especially if I'm not that younger anymore LOL. And it is also takes times to adapt to the way people and especially the boss works.


So I just would like to get used to and do things like my boss expect me to do it. So I'll follow your suggestions


My previous job and boss was a horrible experience... I had this type of boss that none wants, like the one that plays Meryl Streep in "The devil wears prada"... I gave up...

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