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Should I Go Back To Him?

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Hi Guys


So I met my bf whilst I was on holiday and we have now been together for one year. The first 6 months we saw each other when we could and in that time we both fell for each other hard and knew we wanted to be together. I took a break from work and moved country to be with him. Things are perfect between us but I found it hard being away from famiy and friends, the language barrier meant I couldn't really make any friends and work was limited out there. I know I could have tried harder to make things work there but regrettably I didn't. I came back home and we although I have seen him once since being back, these two months have been the hardest of my life. I am completely in love with him and I have no doubt he is the one. The plan was that we would stay apart for a while, while I study for a career and the language, and then I would again relocate. However, a career and anything else now seems pointless if I can't wake up and be with the man that I love every day. There are jobs I can do there and while not great, it means being with him. I am close to moving back, but I am wondering if I'm doing it for the right reasons. Should I stay and study, which means being apart for God knows how long, or go back and give it another try. I fear that if i don't make it work this time, it would be the end of us, but the distance is so hard I want to be with him now. Any advice would be very much appreciated.


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WOW I am EXACTLY in your situation. Stay at home and study to get my degree or move back to the one that I love...To be honest with you, you may want to think about your future. If you were with him, would you be able to support YOURSELF. Obviously you see school as being somewhat important. You could also drop EVERYTHING, go to him, and then discover that things weren't really going to work out. Or you could go to him and things work out beautifully, but struggle to support one another because you wouldn't have the means to do so without the proper education.


Not trying to sound all negative but REALLY weigh the pros and cons. As much as I want to just move over to the one I love, I know that in the long run it would be better to finish school first. I'm going in circles lol, just do whatever makes you happy. I believe that if you really love something then go and get it. BUT LOL, I also believe that love is like the caged bird. If the bird truly loves you and you love the bird, then it will fly back to you. Good luck in your decision.

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I can sorta associate.

I met my 1st ex online. We connected, fell hard for each other, this n that. He wanted me to go to UK, quit my education in the US and do something else in the UK. While I would have done it, I asked myself 1 Q. Everything else is okay, but are you okay with the guy? Do you see yourself living with him on a day-to-day basis for the rest of your life? We waited till he finished his education. During that time, a lot of things changed and his creepy nature came forward.

I have some Qs for you -

1) How old are you? and this guy? Where are both of you located?

2) Do you have any previous relationship experience?

When your emotions are high, you shouldn't take such life-altering decisions.

3) I value education. No matter how painful, finish your degree. I sincerely hope that things work out between you and this guy, but if they don't you at least have your degree and come back to where you are right now and possibly get a job.

I personally don't care for long distance relationships. You never really get to know the person. By the time you do, you are a few years into the relationship and are afraid to start over.

4) Why can't the guy come where you are instead of your moving to his location?

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