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How can you tell if a guy is checking you out?


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Okay because my other problem - shy library boy - is up in flames ATM but I haven't given up!

I'm not sure if this other guy is checking me out..

He's a security guard, he's attractive And he resembles this guy i dated a long time ago.. Hmm


anyways I don't know if he's checking me out,

but he walked passed my study room door and he looked at me

then I could hear him walking through the aisles of books and I caught him looking at me from the shelves than he walked away.

5 minutes later he's up at the front desk talking to the librarian and I walk by, he turns his head around and looks at me. I walk into the washroom, caught him looking from the corner of my eye.


I come out of the washroom and again he's looking at me, he turns his head back slightly watching me walk back into the room..


Don't know if it's creepy or what but what do you guys think?

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He's a security guy... so he might just think you're sketchy! haha. Smile at him and see what he does. I heard that if someone looks at you and then looks at you again in a few seconds, it's a definite check out (or you have a booger on your face).


Ya that's what he did.


And to the last post

LOL HE was leaning talking to the librarian and he was looking at me.

Then when I walked out, he was watching me for like 6 seconds I know this cause I seen from the corner of my eye.

When I looked he turned away and looked again

* * * f

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generally if i think a chick looks weird once ive looked at them i wont look again so as to not draw attention to it. But if i find a girl attractive and i have oppitunities to look again i will take. I can be pretty shy though so if i get busted i look away straight away a bit embarrassed

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