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As you can probably tell from the title I just broke up with my first girlfriend today. Right now I feel like complete because I have the whole "second thoughts" thing going on right now. Basically I feel like I'll never find a girl like her again. And I know because this was the first time it'll feel like the worst and I feel crushed right now but do you have any pointers as to what I can do to lessen the pain? (This girl is still going to be in my life, she's been a great friend and neither of us wanna lose that)

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I feel for ya, I remember how much it hurt for my first love.


Still does, over a year and half later...I guess the only thing that helps is 1) time must pass and it will lessen and 2) finding another person in time to love once again.


I had to do No Contact (NC) with her for the sake of my sanity, I'll talk to her again someday, just not yet.


Good luck!

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From the title, I assumed she broke up with you. Why did you end it?


I ended it because she constantly put me under a microscope and created drama from every little thing I did wrong. She's a great girl, but she made me feel as though there was nothing I could do to make our relationship progress to that next step. It got to the point where she wasn't willing to even spend time with me for weeks at a time.

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I remember the time when I first truly loved someone, (or thought I did, after all,how could love perish just like that? I believe true love is lasting so if it never lasts, then it's never really true, IMO), it was great, but we're still in College back then and pressures from everywhere separated us,besides the fact that we were both still too young( I was 21 she was 19) back then and it couldn't have really worked, even if we wanted it to. We did the NC, as I'm sure most of you will agree here, that keeping in touch after the break is just simply impossible. anyway suddenly drifted apart and hadn't talked until 4 years later. lol. I think part of being in love is knowing when to let go.


So anyway we're back to being friends to this day(thanks to facebook!lol) and she is set to marry someone else and I'm happy for her.

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