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how to avoid pink eye

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I work in a restauarnt and pink eye is going around our employees. So far 4 people hve had it this month. If you have it, you can't work till it's 100 % gone. I'm scared I'm gonna get it. One b/c I don't have insurance but two b/c I can't go more than 2 days without working each week b/c I make tips to pay my bills.


How can I keep from getting it? I have no idea how to avoid it but I know it's super contaigious!

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Wash your hands like a maniac.


Don't touch your eyes with your hands or wrists.


Avoid using the restrooms at your work as much as possible. Wash doubly good if you must do so. Wash halfway up your forearms with hot water when doing so.



Do all that and the likelihood you'll contract pink eye should be very slim.

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I'm a maniac about washing my hands at work, I work with food and I can't stand when my hands feel even the teeniest bit dirty so I wash them probably every 10 minutes or so, sometimes less than that.


That's good then. Just don't touch your hair or your face. Keep your hair in a ponytail so that you don't touch it.

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Get some of that hand-gel, it's better than washing your hands and it's anti-bacterial.


That's fine if you don't have time to wash your hands, but in the case of germs like pink eye I wouldn't want them spread around my hands, anti-bacterial or not (conjunctivitis is also viral, not always bacterial). I'd rather wash them down the drain.

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Just so you're aware...one of the biggest causes of pinkeye is cockroaches.


You should have the restaurant managers have an exterminator come in...if there is a large rate of infection of the people you work with, it is likely even things like washing your hands and avoiding contact with your eyes will help since you'll still be touching things in the restaurant and then touching other things.


Even if the pinkeye goes away, the cockroaches won't have magically died off and there will still be a serious health risk.

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