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2 weeks NC Much better now, regret last actions..should I contact?

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Well exactly two weeks ago I was at the height of my passion for this girl...totally acting out of love, insecurity, weakness, fear... whatever you wanna call it...bottom line is I needed her then so I went to her job and luckily she just stepped out for lunch. I sat with her for a few minutes and lightly tearful told her that I loved her and that during the 3 weeks of low contact limbo I've missed her and want her to come around so we can have fun again and yada yada...she said she 'wasnt feelin it' and basically to move on. So from that moment I went NC...she sent me one text for her stuff which I sent in a box last week..no note or manipulative tactics..just a box of junk...


Now that it's been 2 weeks of my own NC (because she was already ignoring me) I feel so totally grounded again. I'm so much better and thinking clear and straight. I accept the situation and can live without her. I am now starting to regret my last action which was a bold atempt to confess my love for her and win her back.


I now regret it. Should I send a text to try to lighten the air? Like...hey had to look back and just laugh at the whole situation..haha..


Or just let it alone and keep it mysterious as to what may be going on with me.


Do I want her back? Well let's just say that in my life all but one so far have come'a callin at some point...regardless of how insecure I was at breakup time...and god knows I'd certainly take that pony for another spin...



I guess what I want to know is...when she's laughing about it with the girls about how I came to win her back and boosted her ego...is that all she'll remember me by? Should I correct the situation with a more confident new text or something...


Just not sure...I'm 94% over her and she is 110% over me. (with new bf I assume)

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You're putting too much importance on what she thinks and that's only making it worse IMO - If you let it go, the results you'll receive are EXACTLY what you need ;]


I tell people all the time, don't go NC for them, to create mystery etc etc - go NC for yourself and it'll be more productive sooner ;]



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