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Lost interest?


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I went out on a date last week with a guy that I met on a night out. I posted on here at the time because he was very sporadic with contact would text me one afternoon I would reply and then he wouldn't reply to me again until the next evening. However the date went well and after that he was a lot more forthcoming with contact...made me think that maybe he was just playing it cool until we actually went out.

The date was on Wednesday, and on saturday he text me and asked if I fancy doing something one night in the week. I said yes. I was out with friends on saturday night and he text me during the evening to ask how my night was going, he also said that he thinks I should plan on going out next sat to as he is out with his friends that night. On Monday I text him and asked if he still fancies doing something, he replied a couple of hours later and said yes and what night am I free. I had gone to bed then so I replied the next day and said that I have a few things on in the week but not too much so to just let me know what night is good for him. He didnt write back until the next day and said "sorry for late reply, had a couple of problems at work that needed sorting. Dont think Im going to be free this week now until I go out on saturday. Are you still out on Sat?" I replied and said, ok, yeah Im atill out on sat as far as I know, so probably see you then. That was yesterday and now heard nothing.

Is he blowing me off? Or is he actually busy but will make sure we see eachother when we are both out on sat night?

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I'd assume he's not interested. He may be, but I certainly wouldn't be building hopes up around someone who texts to tell me he ISN'T dating me the following Saturday!


ON the other hand he may be a bit inept at communication. Sounds to me as though you need a phone call to clarify - just something like, "Hi, I just want to clarify where we're up to - are you wanting to see me again or shall we just leave it at that one date?"


If you TEXT this, he will take it wrongly and you will never sort out where his response is coming from, IMHO... A guy with this kind of communication style would drive me barmy very quickly.

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