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pregnancy and post pregancy excersise


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Walking and swimming are great low-impact excersises for pregnancy and post-pregnancy. I have also seen some pregnancy yoga classes and "baby and me" yoga classes, but haven't done those myself. I think the most important thing is that you aren't trying to do "too much" and strain yourself or cause harm to your baby.


Personally, I walked alot (still do) and did mild stretching excersises during and after my pregnancy. I gained almost 70 pounds with my daughter (yipes!! hehe) and am almost back to my pre-preggo weight now, about 5 or 10 pounds left to go, and Littlepants is 18 months old. I might add that I haven't really "tried" to lose the weight either, just eating well and doing normal walking.

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It's not hard to lose the weight after you give birth... especially if you breastfeed you burn a crap load of calories daily just by feeding your baby... other than that, just make sure you stay relatively active. I have a 6 month old and i am already 30 lbs less than I was before i got pregnant... so, just so you can see... it's not hard! It's actually really easy to lose it all

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I've lost practically all my extra pounds in the first weeks. I am breastfeeding and I normally loose weight pretty easily. I got back into shape mostly because I carry my daughter in a carrier (a long cloth that you have to tie around you, not sure of the English word for it). She weighs almost 7 kgs now so that's good exercise for mommy!


In addition I started running again (I trained for 1/2 marathon before getting pregnant) when she was 2 months old, and I started capoeira again today I think the most important thing is to avoid unnecessary gaining during pregnancy, and to simply have a lot of exercise afterwards. DO take into account that you may be tired much sooner because of broken nights. I can't train intensively really. Not like I used to, I still get up at least once a night...


Here's a pic of how I carry her:

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