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How to reconnect with someone you had a great time with sometime back?


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Met a girl while visiting another city a year ago. We had a great time and by end of the night, we made out.

I just moved to the same city as her, how do I reconnect with her? I wanna tell her I think/thought about her but afraid that she might tell me that was a one time thing for her. Do girls even remember guys they made out with just one time?

I know for a fact that she is still single. Can anyone help out/suggestions?

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Yes, I remember the guys I made out with if I really like them and have a connection with them.


I think you should definitely give it a shot! What have you got to lose?

If you have her on fb, or msn just send her a quick messege, saying hey hows it going? Whats new in your life these days...

Then see where things go from there.

Then just keep catchin like this casually/friendly, and if things go well after several times of just casual chattin, ask her if she is free on X night, maybe you guys can go grab a coffee, lunch whichever.


I hope everything works out,


Best of luck!

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