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Early stages of dating, but what's going on?


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Ok, so I'm a little confused of my situation, but I can probably infer what happened or is going on. Here's the chronological series of events, what do you think happened? Apologize if its a bit long.


Met a girl on online 3 weeks ago, and after some emails met up for drinks on a Thurs. I thought we connected over drinks, and she confirmed when she texted me later that night about how great it was and that we should meet up again.


We text a bit more, a couple days pass, and I call her to see her again. We end up going to dinner on Tues, and we picked up where we left off. Went for drinks, some salsa dancing, and we made out a bit. She seemed to be into me, held hands and walked back to her place. When I dropped her off, I told her I'd be away this weekend for a trip, but would be back next weekend and would totally want to see her again. We kissed again, called it a night.


Before I leave on my trip, she surprises me and says she wants to hang out. Due to some bad timing, we hang out later than expected, but I still felt good about the night. Again at the end of the night though, we kissed, said we enjoyed each other company and that we'd see each other the next week when I got back.


This is when I started getting my doubts. We exchanged a couple of quick texts while I was away, and I decided to call to talk to her. First time, she didn't answer, but texts me the next morning saying she's sorry she missed my call but hope I was enjoying my trip. Two days later, I call again. She doesn't pick up, so I left her a message asking if she's still free on Friday when I get back and suggest I'd make dinner and watch a movie at my place instead of going out or something. Well... that was last night, and i haven't heard back from her... Did I do something wrong? Did she just have a change of heart? Did I come accross too needy or something? Thoughts?

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