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one heck of a week so far..


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Today was one of many strange days with the ex this week. So monday she facebook chatted me and was saying how she missed me but i just wrote it off bc she was probably looking for attention. Then yesterday she calls me out of the blue to tell me a story and see what i was doing. Then today she facebook chatted me again and started saying how much she misses hanging out with me and having fun.


Then i didnt know wat to say so basically i just toldd her that she made it this way and it was her issue not mine. She responded by saying that shes crazy sometimes and that she wants to hang out with me this summer and do different things. I am so lost right now because recently before this she was acting distant and mean to me and now this? And also her friend that i know texted me today saying how i should start talking to her again and believe in us? what??


What do i do from here everyone? and on top of that she sent me a heart symbol followed by u. Why is she saying this when she dumped me and when i asked her she said she just felt like saying it and that she still likes flirting with me. Can anyone figure this out for me because im a little shocked right now.

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