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I Am curently in a first aid class at school and about two weeks ago I noticed there was this girl who I thought was cute anyways one day she asked me if i would be her partner is a excercise we were doing in class. Ever since then I think she might like me but i am not sure.

she has been my partner she even demands that i am her parter then she laughs about it. she also flirts with me during exercises. The other day we were learning how to bandage a arm and when she was puting the bandage on she keep creeping her hand up my arm where the bandage wasn't and telling me how stong my arms are. i have caught her staring at me and when i look at her she qiuckly turns around like nothing was happening. Now here is the confusing. she asked me one day if i could help her with another one of her classes (ONE THAT I TOOK LAST TERM) i told her i would and she told me to write her on myspace. When i went to her profile it said she was in a relationship and there were pictures of them together so i figured she is not just saying that becuase of another reason. Today she asked me what I was doing this weekend and she invited me to a party she was having and that her boyfriend would be out of town.

Why would she be acting like this

and should i go to the party?

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Yeeeeeahh, she's definitely hitting on you and wants to cheat on her bf with you. If you want something more with this girl, like a real relationship, then I don't think you're going to get it. If you know she's being a cheating skank and a one night stand is alright with you, well, at least you know.

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