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can fear be stronger than you ?


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Hi there everyone !


I think i just wanted to share this thread with you..i've been thinking a lot whether to write this down or not , but as you can see i decied to do so.In fact this is very sensitive and important for me that's why im writing it.And i really would appreaciate your sincere responses or opinions.


Im aware that i have some inner fears that in moments or periods when i dont feel strong or in a good state of my life they show up strongly and sofocate me, i struggle a lot fighting them.I know that they are irealistic fears, i fear things that have not happened in reality and may not happen ever.I dont have these fears always as i said...but this has been a tought perioud for me...in different ways and aspects.


First i dont know where they come from ?


Second i dont know why they "follow" me at times?


Third im wondering whether they have to do with my childhood problmes or fears?


Forth i dont know wether they have something to tell me or im just creating them myself?


Fifth i dont know how to deal with them..do you?


For example..i dont know why but i fear im gonna cheat on my partner when i will be in a relationship.I think this has happened to me when i have been in previous relationships...cause i wasnt happy with those relationships and i thought to end them or i always thoguth : why i chose this one , mabey i will find a better one.Do u think this kind of fear is normal?Do u think it is a mind creation or has a basis?


Or i fear i will not be a good mother or a good partner....i love children by the way..but im afraid i will hurt my baby somehow and i will not be a good mother...


i have other similar fears....


who else have the same problems?

how do u deal with your fears?

how can i deal with them ?




red sky girl

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It sounds like you may be suffering from anxiety. I think it would be a good idea to consult a professional (therapist or counsellor) about these issues. They would be properly qualified to help you deal with your anxieties.



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thank you guys for your responses...in fact i remember myself sufering from anxety even when i was younger , im 27 now...when i was a tennager or something...i had different kinds of fears and anxiety...my mom took my to a doctor and she said it was because i was stressed of my exams and i was nervous because of them... in fact i get more anxtious in unknown situations or when i have to confront something or someone ...i dont want to make my family worry about me, but i wanted to share this with my mother or dont know if this will be a good idea...i dont want her to worry...besides she will think im only stressed at work (as im usually in fact because some things at work arnt the way i want them to be)....but i need a friend to accompain me in doing this , going to a therapist or something i dont know...my best friends can be my family members...on the other hand i dont talk with them about these issues i have.

what to do?

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