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I was with my ex (S) for 6 years. (We did break up several times in the middle but we would always end up back together). I started my relationship with him when i was 17. We are almost the same age. (He's 6 months younger than me) In the beginning we were happy together. He came from a dysfunctional family.

After a year and a half later (our relationship), we had an argument and he hit me. I forgave him. I did suggest therapy but he refused. I loved him too much and didn't break up. He still made me happy. Then after 8 months he hit me again, in front of my friends. He said I provoked him. Again i forgave him and tried to move on. He still wouldn't see a therapist. After a while I got fed up and broke up with him. 2 weeks later I started dating a friend of mine. It drove him (S) crazy and he would call me and cry and would want me back. Things between the new guy and me didn't work out, I missed my ex too much.I broke up with him and got back with my ex (S). Anyway when I got back with him, one day he would make me the happiest in the world and the next day he would say that I cheated on him and left him. It got worse. A guy in my college asked me out and I said yes. Broke up with my ex again. I was okay, but again I would miss my ex too much. I went back to him. We would fight and the next day we would patch up. After a while he kept on accusing me off cheating on him and finally one day he lost control and smashed my head on the dashboard. I forgave him again. This time i insisted he needed therapy, and I told him straight on his face that he had some serious issues. I forgave him anyway, started working on our relationship and things got better. We were happy, he stopped hitting me no matter how much i screamed at him, he wouldnt' raise his hand.

Two months ago, he said he wanted to break up because he liked someone else. He dumped me. And now he's with this other girl. It drives me crazy. I lie on my bed the whole day, can't concentrate on anything, don't want to go out. I tried to avoid calling him, but it doesnt work, He picks up the phone, sometimes he's extremely rude to me while sometimes he's nice. I'm in denial. I expect him to come back one day. I wait for him. I even saw a therapist. It didn'T really work. I want to die. I wish somebody would just put a bullet to my head. I don't see light at the end of the tunnel. PLEASE HELP.

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yes what he did was wrong. what he's doing now isnt wrong though. you did it to him, he's just repaying the favor.

next time... learn not to stick around with someone if you dont like them. it sounded to me that you just were with him because you had no better options. the moment someone else asked you out, you dumped him and ran away. this is not a relationship... its more of a "you're my partner until someone real comes by".

you have no reason to feel sad.

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Please, please, please do yourself a favor and DO NOT get back with this guy. The 2 most offensive things to me are A) People who hit/abuse women B) people who hit/abuse animals, and I have literally, -500 respect for those kinds of people. There is a guy out there who will treat you even better AND not abuse you, he's out there, I promise you that.

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Don't go near the guy darling. Do you honestly want to potentially spend the rest of your life with someone that constantly hits you? You keep forgiving him too. Not a good thing at all. You deserve someone better, and that person you will find (sound a bit like Yoda!). Anyway you have to be as strong as you can and remove him from your life. Easier said than done, that's the problem.


The thought of him hitting you makes me shudder.


Say it with me!:





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