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Feeling like a huge jerk...


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Well, constant lurker of this site, finally decided to register. So, hello!


Now, the bad stuff. I met this girl at a mutual friend's house party and ended up having a pretty decent time talking with her.


That night, I knew barely anything about her (duh, just met her), except she enjoyed dancing and was Jewish. Anyways, she had quite a bit to drink and had to ralph. I did the gentlemanly thing and helped her up to the upstairs bathroom and got her water and made sure that everything was ok. That was pretty much the last I saw of her. So, I ask my friend, the host, to give her my number for I was pretty interested in her, and she was too busy getting sick lol


The next day she requested me as a friend on facebook. The only communication so far has only been through facebook messages. I haven't really shown her any "real" interest, only friendly. So, we've been just messaging eachother back and forth this past week.


Today, I ended up talking to her (on facebook, of course...lame) and I find out she is actually 5 years younger than me! I'm 25. This really had me lose interest in her and I'm feeling bad about it. There are other small factors that had me lose interest in her the more I got to know her as well.


So, should I be feeling bad, even though the only sign of interest I've shown was giving her my number and being nice in the messages we sent back and forth?

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Nope, you shouldn't feel bad at all. It's called dating/flirting and there are no commitments until they've been verbalized.

Good thing the catch and release happened prior to the bed down.


I like that you are sensitive to her feelings and what she may be feeling though. It shows that the one you don't release will be a lucky girl.

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