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So me and my boyfriend broke up around 7 months ago, and during that time, I started hooking up with one of my guy friends that he didnt like. We recently started talking again, he started it, and I think we may get back together. I dont feel like he has the right to know, or do I even owe him and explanation, but I feel like I should maybe still tell him. Im scared to tell him, cause i know he has no reason to be angry with me because we were broken up, but I have a feeling he would be. I really dont know how to handle this situation, and help please? It would mean the world.

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Well, more than likely it will come up in the reconciliation process and if he asks I think you should tell him. If you are getting back together it's probably best to lay it all out there so you can both process everything and be on a clean slate. Especially if this guy caused problems between the both of you while you were together - you said he didn't like him. If it doesn't ask, he has probably already accepted you were possibly with someone else and in that case just let it be. You were broken up and stuff happens. Either you both accept it or it doensn't work.

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I agree with the other poster. Honesty is the best policy. Get it out in the beginning and then it won't blow up later on if he finds out.


Actually... this happened to me once too. Exact situation. We broke up. I fooled around with this guy he hated. We were getting back together and I said:

"Are you sure you want to get back together? 'Cause I didn't think we were going to and I did some things."

He asked about it. I told him (no details - just "I fooled around with X"). He got mad. I told him to buzz off 'cause we were broken up anyways. He came around. We got back together. It was never discussed again.


Avoid the drama. Tell him up front.

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