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Am I Depressed? (or on my way to be)


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I've been having a serious problem. Finally after a hellish year I got together with my ex and things have been going great, or were until now. For some reason I have just completely dropped all the feelings I had for my gf and can't seem to understand why. There have been symptoms and sings of a growing depression for me which I've countered with over-the-counter mood enhancers that have helped. But even though its been a few weeks they are wearing off it seems. This started when this other girl showed interest in me and I was attracted to her. The worst now is I feel nothing for my current gf or this other girl I tried to block out. Actually the worst part is thinking this will not end. You know that feeling of being totally in synch with that person your in love with well now there is none at all b/c of where I am. Maybe its the fact I'm at this military academy and the final stretch of the academic semester is getting to me. Please is there anyone here who knows what I'm talking about?

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It doesn't sound like you are depressed but you do seem like you are very stressed out. Have you talked about it with someone?

Keeping all that to yourself doesn't sound healthy.

I think you need to talk with someone you really trust and cares about you allot, then you might get some good advice from someone that knows you very well and also you won't be keeping everything inside you. Stuff like that could drive you crazy.

Then again, maybe you need a break from everything so you could think everything through.

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I haven't experienced this because when I lose absolutely all affection and attraction to a guy - I leave; there's no sense in being with someone under false pretenses.


You're not on your way to being depressed, I wouldn't say that at all because we all have low times, we all have stresses and issues in life... but just because we feel bad doesn't mean we're going to be depressed at all.

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