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HELP!!! My cat is leaking!!!


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I need some help...and i've already done the google search so that's not helpful. Here's the deal...


The other day, my male cat, neautered, 6.5 years old and otherwise healthy...has started drooling!! I came home from work and noticed what i thought was water on the floor...thought he just got into a dirty dish i had soaking in the sink and got water everywhere. I made a snack before the gym and he was sitting watching me eat it...when i noticed drip drip drip...out of his mouth!! Thought...wow...are you THAT hungry your salivating? so i fed him...he ate just like normal...but still...drip drip drip. Then i started really watching and he's totally drooling!! He's acting normal otherwise...eating, playing, being his usual sucky self. AT bed time he came for lovin as usual but i brought a face cloth wtih me and tucked it under his chin. Within a half hour it was SOAKED!! He's an indoor cat and just goes on my balcony so he's not around other animals.


Internet tells me could be a tooth issue...so i pried his mouth open (much to his dismay) and all the teeth are still there...nothing that i can see wrong in there. The ONLY thing i can think of is that i had to buy a new litter cuz i couldn't find the one i've ALWAYS used since i had him. Today i'm gonna go buy a new litter box and search for the usual litter no matter how long it takes!!


I've made an appoointment with the vet for thursday if things don't get better...should i be worried? He's my 'kid' and i'm worried...emergency vet visits are pricey and money is a little tight...anyone have any thoughts?


Please help me and my little man!!!!!

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I've got him booked for as soon as i could get him in which is Thursday afternoon. I'm just wondering if i should take him to the emergency vet. I figure if he's still eating, drinking, playing, his eyes are clear and he's responsive to his name etc, then he can last the 2 days...course...if i get home from work today and find the situation has changed and he's not himself then I'll just charge the emergency vet to my credit card...gotta love plastic!!


I was more wondering if anyone has cats that are allergic to stuff...perhaps its this new litter i tried. When he licks his paws, its gets in his mouth ya know?


As for the nausea?...when he wants to puke he makes sure i'm well aware of it and he has no shame puking where ever he wants!!

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Funny you say that...i caught a cold the other night and was wondering if i gave it to him...but its not like i'm THAT close to my cat!! lol.


He did have a sneezing fit this morning wtih me in the bathroom but i thought the drool was just tickling his nose. He's not leaking outta his eyes or nose or anything....figured that's important to note too.

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My partner works in an animal clinic. She says it could be a tumour, dental issue, something lodged in the throat or a variety of issues.


Get him to the vet when you can - sooner vs later if you notice a change in his behaviour (tired, lethargic etc)

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Cats certainly do have allergies and changing the cat litter on him could definitely cause this. Dump the ne cat litter and get the stuff that you used to use. Give him a couple of days and see if the sneezing and drooling go away.


Also, dental problems like an abcessed tooth or tooth pain can also cause drooling.


And another note, humans cannot give colds to cats and vice versa, completely different virus. lol There are some things that can pass back and forth between species, but a cold is not one of them.

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