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better orgasms cuz im older?


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I am a 35 y/o female i have been with my b/f for about 5 years, i was married once and had a couple bfs in between my recent b/f. Me and my b/f have great sex we role play, dildos and alot of other kinky stuff. I never done any of that if my exs. I have ALOT of orgasms with him prob like 3 if he can last more then 5 mins (LOL) He is great at oral and i ejaculate(this s kind of embarissing to me) I have had my share of orgasms in past relationships but nothing like this. I do find myself more sexually attracted to him then the others, So my question is me having all these orgasms (cumin) because im older or because of him.. Thanx

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Its a little bit of everything:


Him: You feel he is better than your previous partners. If he makes you orgasm that much, he must be damn good.


You: You being more sexually attracted to him opens up the opportunities for you to enjoy the sex more. Your ability to cum is also a sign of good things happening.


You two as a couple: You both keep your options open and seem to have a healthy variation in your sex life. Dildos, roleplaying, etc. You two might be more sexually compatible than you have been with other partners.


Took you a few 'attempts' at finding a man who brings you the pleasure you are getting. Congratulate yourself and give yourself a pat on the back for it. Enjoy the sex and don't ask too much about it.

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It sounds as if your "comfort level" is a better with your current B/F. And that results in great sex.My G/F says she hadn't orgasmed with her ex for the last 2 years they were together. Now she goes 6,7 times a session. She trusts me.

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I think it gets better with age for a lot of women. Aside from your partner and your attraction to him and the fact that he's a compatible match sexually, you also probably know your body better, aren't as afraid to ask for what you want, are more experimental and more uninhibited, etc.



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Agree with other people. I think it's a combination of things--the connection between you and your BF, greater trust, less self-consciousness, and the sense of coming into your own as an older woman. It took me YEARS to even learn how to orgasm with my partner; I'm 30 now, and I just feel that my possibilities for fantastic sex are getting better and better.

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I'm 33 and am more comfortable with myself sexually than I have ever been, I don't know whether this will improve with age...if it does Woo for me!!


When I was younger I used to think sex was all about pleasing the guy and me coming second (no pun intended) now I know what a turn on it is for a guy to see how much HE is turning you on etc...its a win win situation.

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