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four years and she just left like it was nothing


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sory for the punctuation i suck a wrighting i just blurt it all down



i was with my g/f for 4 years i was 26 she was 20. she moved in with me about 4 months into are relationship she lost her job and lived an hour away so she got a job near me and moved in. everthing was great had a few ups and downs but she loved me to death. 3 years later (i always let her go out and have fun with her girls i have mo problem with that)she was in and out of work so alot of the time i took care of her or helped with her part of the rent i did so much for her. 4 months ago she found out she was pregnant and she wanted to keep it and for us to get married i was a lil scared she ended up losing the baby. so then a lil after that she was going out with her girls all the time taking trips. i didnt really think anything of it till it was at the point she was never home and i would try to spend time with her but she never had time for me so i started nagging and getting mad and the more i did that the less she was home. then she hit me with the me and my girl are going to vagas i didnt like that idea but what can you do. this hole time shes on unemployment. gos to vagas comes back is still very distant like she has been and said vagas wasnt like she thought it would be. two days later i have a talk with her and she says she wants to move out and that she wants to be independent and find her self because she depends on me for everything and she dosent want to be in a relationship anymore it hit me hard i tryed everything to make her stay.since she has no money she decided to move to her moms house an hour 1/2 away i never thought she would leave she always loved me so much and i treated her so good she said i did nothing wrong so the day came i was so upset the truck pulled up and i helped her pack all her thing in and before she left she cryed a lil and said she loved me. i was crushed i couldnt beleave it she left so i started to clean up the house that she left me in that i cant really afford and saw that she had left some things so i text her that she left some things and she said she had to come back the nex day to get her mail so she came by and pick her stuff up and gave me a hug i didnt cry or anything and she left. she text me a lil after she left an said i miss u i said i missed her to. so from that point i didnt call text or anything 3 days go by im still so upset cant sleep eat nothing i couldnt beleave she left we have never gone 3 days no call text. last night at about midnight i get a text from her im lonely i miss you i didnt know what to say so out of anger i text back thats what you wanted and she text back thanks so after a few min. i text her that i do miss u to and never got a text back. i dont know what to do i want her back but feel she will never come back i dont know how she can do all this .telling me she wants to be single and she dosnt feel the same wat anymore that hurts after 4 years when you give them everythig and love them so much.

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Depending on how long she was pregnant before losing the baby i would say it may have some kind of effect on the way she is feeling.


i agree with this. this can be a very traumatic event for a woman, even if the pregnancy wasn't that far along. what to do? i'd say leave her be, let her sort out her feelings on her own for now.


i don't think it's a bad idea for her to want to be independent for awhile either. it's never a good idea to become too dependent on someone else in my opinion. need to learn how to make do for yourself. i think everyone should have that experience before settling down for the long haul. i know that's not what you want to hear, but that's what she feels is best for her at this point in time so you will not be able to change her mind. just let her be for now.

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