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I always have a really delayed response after breakups. Not sure why this is...

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I don't know if it's everybody but I am definitely one of those people. I always have a really delayed response after breakups. I seem to really miss them weeks or months after not seeing them. Only when she appears to have moved on and does not respond to me is when I start my process on letting her go...I don't know why this is...but then I suddenly have more appreciation for her and miss her like crazy.


I wish I could've felt this way about her when she was here...maybe this would'nt happened.

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I broke up with her..told her to move on and I wasnt considering her as a future potential partner any longer. This was based on a series of disrespectful actions from both parties and I believe she crossed some red flags of mine...and probably vice versa .....


In any event I was thinking totally logically regarding what was best for me at the time and so was she...so we pushed each other away. I seemed to be fine at first, happy and such. 6 weeks later...I am just totally miserable about this thing that just happened and the outcome...and I'm trying to convince myself I don't miss her but truthfully she is all I've been thinking about day and night lately....


It totally sucks. What makes it worse is I wasnt really sure who the dumper was while all this was going on. I think I was pushing her away as a defense to my feeling like she was distancing herself. In any event after 3 weeks of limbo hell and her not responding to my texts for a week I sought her out and confronted her to which I told her how I really felt. I asked her to make up which she refused and since then I've been strict NC.


A week later (on what is usually our 'date day') 10 min. before she knows I'm to be in the office she texts me "hey, do you think I can have my pretty sneakers back that are at your house?" ; )


---with the wink mind you...so I didnt respond at first because I felt that since I went after her to get her back and she refused, she'd have to be on her knees to have me speak to her again (not literally though). then 5 hours later she sends a duplicate text. I still didnt respond...I figured she was trying to get a rise out of me by asking me on 'our day' right before work.


The next day I replied "was tied up. Yes, you may have your ruby slippers back" ( I also included this wink...which is ironic being it's the first friendly gesture in weeks on our last convo ---not a word since to or fro.... few days ago I sent all her stuff in a box to her address ( I guess that's what she wanted me to do by that text)


Anyways there's a finality to it....I'm guessing I'll probably never hear from her again...which I guess is fine...just that I really miss her...like crazy...it will fade I guess...


I sent all her stuff pronto so if she ever does contact me...I'll know it's not for worn out shoes that I know she could care less about...it'll be to talk to me or something...

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