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Online dating and Nigeria????


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Is this a huge red flag when you talk to someone and they claim they are on business trip in Nigeria? I have had a couple guys talking to me and when they say they're in Nigeria, I run! Because I had a guy that claimed to be local and that he was in China and then had trouble getting his stuff home and needed to borrow $650 from me. HELL NO!!! I stopped talking to him and then I noticed he had changed his location from WA to OK!! YIKES!!


What is it about Nigeria????? Scammer alert!!!

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Yes way I have been using internet for years. I just find it irritating that men would try to scam women. Bec I am trying to get back in dating and this is making me want not to date.


This must be pof then? I've heard this at free sites. But yea, ignore anyone asking for money. Especially if it comes with the promise of giving you back more later.

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Betrayed Girl:


CAREFUL!!! Big warning.


Someone I know (and she was not a naive young thing either!) got very nearly done by this scam. There is a guy or guys trawling the so called dating sites. He said he was American, even sent her a photo (could have been anyone!), they had exchanged many emails, even conversations. He said he was in computer technology (engineer or something) and travelled a lot to certain countries. Next thing she gets the SOS that he is detained in Nigeria, they have his passport, he can't get out, but he needs some money to bribe the authorities there (well, you know the story). Would you believe she was actually trying to desperately borrow extra money from friends to SEND TO HIM!!! And nearly did send the money.


How could someone be that NAIVE.



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It's one thing to be involved in LDR but when someone starts asking for money when you've never met. And Nigeria is still the world's largest breeding ground for cyber criminals. You just have to raise a big red flag and not bother with anyone that mentions Nigeria. No harm in talking to them of course until they start asking for money or tell you their sob story.

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Men don't try to scam women -- that's a bit unfair to "men" yes?. Certain people try to scam other people. There has been an increase in these kinds of scam emails from Nigeria (and you are assuming the contact is coming from a man - and this person is not "talking" to you, the person is typing to you, which makes it easier to "scam").


I would stay away from any person who claims to need money from you, a complete stranger for safety purposes. It's fine if you want to meet someone from the Internet who lives far away, but that's not an "LDR" - if you meet in person and date in person, and decide to have an in person relationship, then you will be in a long distance relationship. Before that time, it's just typing and talking to someone on the Internet and perhaps developing a friendship with that person.

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