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LDR relationship

Planned trip to go see her in Singapore in May

She broke up with me end of March, and we stuck to LC for a few weeks

Took a lot of time and emotional crap deciding whether or not to go

Decided to go, talked about the trip with her this Saturday

Discovered that she is still angry with me

Discussed the possibility that it would be a bad idea to go because of her anger

Left it open, planned to discuss it more this week

I decided to finally trust my gut, and canceled the trip on Sunday

Felt like I should tell her at least on the phone, so I msged her to call me when she had time (final exam week for her)

Decided today that I just want it over, don't even want to talk to her anymore

She called me an hour ago, I ignored it



So... I feel like I should at least tell her I canceled the trip. I really want to just start full NC now and not even tell her I canceled. But I think I would feel kind of guilty if I didn't tell her.


Should I tell her? How (phone or message)? Should I tell her about the NC?


Note: I am pretty much over her at this point, almost completely indifferent.

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