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need input yet again..


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so basically i have been doing better and getting through the bad feelings recently but today my ex contacted me online. She started asking me all these questions and somehow she knew where i was this weekend and who i was with. So i acted creeped out and then i said something like yea that sucks man. And she freaks out cause i said man to her. she starts saying "but i loved you n you didnt" and then she sent "*love". I responded with "what are you talking about?" bc i had no idea how to respond to that she caught me so off guard. And then i said "i have to go i gotta meet people" and she responds "bye ahole". ??? Im so confused, what the hell is she saying? She topped it off by saying that she misses me too. what do i do about all of this because i still do love her but i hate these games even though this is the first time she has acted like this. thanks everyone.

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i mean she has been back and forth give mixed signals and i just cant stand it..she will not talk to me for awhile and then when we do talk she will act distant and then like today she was acting all excited to talk, which she relle has done since we broke up so maybe its a good sign idk...

n i know deep down she still loves me but how do i know what this type of behavior means? like what if she is to nervous to ever bring up us again just bc shes immature?

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Uhhh, do you want to pursue a relationship with someone who plays games?


I understand you're trying to find all the positive from her that you can, but unless she can come out and be CONSISTENT, I highly doubt it'll be a healthy relationship if you try to get her back.


The behavior itself, her actions towards you should tell you enough: she doesn't know what she wants, she's not even convinced of her own feelings (so how can you be? you can't.) and she very well could just be doing it for the attention.

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