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What should I do


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Basically I've known this girl for around 3-4 years (quite a few gaps as she had lack of internet access and we only became closer, webcam, phoning etc since about september last year). We get on well online and talking via phone and I'm 99% positive this would be the same offline too. Now I've brought up meeting in real life once but she is scared because there was a period where I was really weird. But I asked that quite early on since the september start so now I'm wondering should I ask again? Were only around 1 hour drive apart and we have got quite close (in the respect of how far online can go).


So should I:

Ask her directly

Hint at it

Leave it for a while

Do not ask at all

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Well about a year previously I was really pissed off and said things which could be "translated differently". This was all before she saw me and stuff, and before I really cared about her at all.


EDIT: Then there was a bit of a gap where we had no communication.

EDIT2: I think time has changed it.

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You're only an hour away and have known each other for a long time, so why not?


Sounds like she is worried and feels pressured. You need to take some of that pressure off of her. Tell you just want to get together for coffee or something and how nice it would be to finally see her because you really care about her.

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Don't keep asking her to meet you otherwise she is going to feel pressured some girls don't like to be rushed into things even though its been 3-4 years. You've asked her once so i think you should leave it for a little while and maybe wait for her to bring it up again if you really care about her then you'll wait till shes ready to meet you.

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