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Awkward moments of Facebook


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Facebook is a strong social networking tool as we all know. I use it along with probably everyone else in the world. Something today has happened and I am just flabbergasted over. My dad added me on facebook.


No one on this forum knows, at least I dont think so, but I come from a broken home. My mom and dad divorced when I was 5. As far as I know my dad was abusive (the reason why my mom left) and a few years after the divorce stopped contacting us (I knew that after the divorce he did have visiting permission because I remember he would come and pick us up). While he did live in Georgia and us in Texas he came a few (how many is a few? I just dont remember) times. Then he stopped, for what reason I dont know, but he did stop coming. I never saw a letter, received a phone call, nothing.


So as you can guess Im pretty confused as to what to do. Part of me still has that resentment toward him for doing what he did to my mom and us. There is a part of me that wants to ask him so many questions. I thought that part of my life was behind me, but in one fell swoop it can all be right back infront of me, at my decision.


Its an interesting dilemma that is for sure.

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Wow. That's a dilemma all right.


You can message him without adding him - perhaps if you want to ask him some questions, you should get it off your chest and then see what his response is. I'd be prepared for him to want to brush over the past though. He may be thinking that you were too young at the time to bear him any resentment now, and he might not be expecting you to come back at him with anger and hurt.

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