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breaking my feeling of attraction for her?


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Okay, so I met this women on vacation almost 7 weeks ago and she was flirting with me right and left - but now she claims she wasn't and that she is just often mistaken for flirting. Regardless....


I've tried but have been unable to get her from my mind, and logically I know that she isn't a good fit anyway, but my feelings or some irrational desire are overriding my logic and I can't shake her...


I've even dated 3 other women in the past month, and it has gone well with them... but I still can't shake the flirty one...


She isn't even into me (so she says)

She is still hung up on her ex (recent divorce and spends way too much time with him)

She is religious (something I do NOT like in a women)

She is bisexual which puts me off only because it means I'd have twice the competition for her attention anyway


So I know[/] that she isn't for me, yet I can't shake the thought of her... is this just that psychological desire for the one you can't have?


She calls me sometimes just to talk, she sometimes writes on my FB page, and she sometimes shows up at a yoga class I'm always at, and she sometimes does these small favors or kind gestures for me... all this stuff is making it harder for me to shake my desire for her.


I should be putting my energy into the others that are available to me... but thoughts of her keep me distracted. I feel like I've become somehow addicted to the idea of her...


Help!! Any ideas or psychological techniques I could use? I've been trying to think of the reasons that she isn't a good fit, it isn't helping enough.

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Well, yeah... If someone tells you that they can't have you, any interest you have will often get magnified. This is mainly because you no longer have to worry about any kind of commitment, or hurting anyone's feelings, or getting involved with someone maybe you'd have to hurt later on. Basically, it's completely freeing. Also, you wonder what it is they have or what it is they think they know about themselves or you that is having them say "no way buddy".


I always thought that I was way beyond falling for the psychological games that people employ because I could recognize the dynamic and not get swept up by it. I can't thought. I can see the truck coming, it's moving slowly and from a distance, and I still can't get out of the way of it before it plows me over. Someone telling you "I don't accept you", in whatever way they present it, is simply a natural aphrodisiac in many cases.


"I would never want to be a member of a club that would have me as a member."


- Groucho

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