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Ok - Why do men always have their hand down their pants???


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Ok - I'll start first by saying that I love my guy dearly and in the end it makes no difference...


BUT - in comparison to other guys I've spent considerable amount of time with this one seems to have his hand down his pants quite frenquently...


1) While he sleeping mostly....

2) Lounging around house.... on computer....


He's not masturbating... not playing with it... but always has his hand over it! LOL! He can be awake or asleep it doesn't matter.


So... how many other guys out there are afflicted this heavily??? Is it like a pacifier??? How many other girls have noticed that some guys spend WAY more time at this than others???


I mean its not like I play with my boobs... lol!

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Its really comforting, not a sex thing at all. You got to remember men have had a willy all their life, women only get boobs in puberty. A manss willy is his best friend through good times and bad


I think my guy is going to print this response out in big block 2inch letters... that's a good one!

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Yeah, it's one of those weird subconscious pacifier things. Sometimes I'll be watching TV and suddenly my hand is down there--lol. I've never done it around other people though. I have to wonder how the behavior develops.


I know he does it without thinking about it! That's the funny part... he says that was the way he was made... his hand is the perfect shape/size to cup that thing! LOL Oh, and something about it being a "sleep button"? So obviously a comfort zone thing...


I had just never experienced it to this degree before... he knows I love him and I tease him about it in a fun way and he knows I'm writing this post! He suggested it cause I keep asking him why and his answers were limited!



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