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No Motivation


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Lately I can't do any of my school work because I see no point in it. I don't keep my room clean because I see no point and it's too much work. All school work is too much work.


I used to not be this way. I used to get all my homework done by the time it's due. I put effort into everything. I cleaned constantly because I wanted to. Now I feel like I can't do anything.


I try to talk to people about it but they just say "yeah I know what you mean" but I feel like it's more of a problem than that. I feel like no one understands.


Is this a cry for help or am I just bored with life? I just need someone to give me advice.

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If you think it's a problem seek medical attention. Depression causes apathy. I go through periods of time when I don't do homework and other times when I get tons of homework done. Personally what you're experiencing is normal.


You can break the big tasks down into smaller ones to make them easier to accomplish, this method usually works wonders for me.

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You might consider getting an assessment for depression. I like Jetta's idea of breaking things into smaller tasks--and then including rewards. For instance, I'll give myself an ice cream if I can finish Part I of the homework. I'll invite a friend over for drinks if I can get the house clean.


Sometimes I get into habits of overthinking things, and I get in my own way. It's a lot of energy to do work I've already vetted as having no value--so I stop assigning value to things and just do them. Time passes, and I notice things start coming easily again. It's a rut, and nobody can really talk you out of it but you.

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