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A rant about text guy!!


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I was just looking at indoor rock climbing thats close to where I live and getting angry at text dumper guy!


I met him on a Sunday, we had lunch at a pub and walked around a market for hours. Was a great day.


2nd date was dinner and a movie at a cinema.


3rd date was a bottle of wine, pizza and a movie at my place.


Then he smashed his toe.


4th date was M&M's and a movie at his place.


5th date was a movie at same cinema.


6th date was 2 (I kid you not) movies and pizza at his place.

Then he was working, got flu and THEN tonsillitis.


I'm looking at this indoor climbing that I love to do, knowing he loves this too and thinking, "How the freakin hell can this guy say we are so very different when for most of the time we were seeing each other we either watched movies or he was incapacitated in one way or another?????"


AND he's 40, still living like a 20 yr old renting a room in a shared house, working casually and okay yeah, he's doing a degree BUT he has been doing said degree for the last 10 yrs! He still has dreadlocks (which I loved) even though he's starting to bald. If he were to cut them, he'd be nothing special, just a 40 yr old with a missing tooth (bottom front) a saggy ear (due to a stretcher) who wears fisherman pants , no watch (I have a "thing" about guys wearing watches and belts lol) and petiole oil.


I know I've posted heaps about him AND I am feeling so much better about it. I have realised it's his problem and not mine. I can get dates without using online dating sites.


Why did I stress at all??

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LOL I'm seeing the negatives now. I was kinda caught up with the whole alternative side of his personality.


It's all good. I've been saved from a fate worse than death.


A good friend (who doesn't really like climbing lol) has just agreed to come climbing with me because I can't find anyone else.


Thank you guys for all your support!


Peace, love and happiness to you all.

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You're better off without that guy, he sounds like a winner. What I don't get is why he dumped you after a 6th date if he didn't think you had a future with him? Very odd. He's not worth it.


Well as one of my guy friends said, my pic and life is in fb and he added me as a friend to learn about me before we even met. If he thought we were so very different, why did he even bother starting anything?


I don't get why he went 6 dates either, I only go 2 or 3 if I'm unsure on the first. Concensus amongst my friends is he met someone else. He's on Zoosk and I noticed he has added his email address and his fb name to his profile so women can contact him for free...


Tosser.. And no, he's not worth ME!

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