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Break ups that happen with little warning


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4 year relationship. You could say the last year and a half to two years the spark was dieing, and that was why the relationship ended.


I was dumped, first back in January but we gave it another shot after one day apart (i begged lol!). Dumped again beginning of March.


It seemed to come out of nowhere though, last year around July time she went away with her best mate to Europe for 6 weeks, she truly missed me and it appeared she couldn't spend TOOOOO long away from me. Last year we were also talking about moving out and flatting with a friend of ours, going down to see her Aunty and Uncle, planning our own trip etc. Nov/Dec she was still making plans that involved me in the future (such as x-mas etc).

All of a sudden around New Years I notice shes abit different and I could tell the end was coming, and surely enough it did.


Anyway I reckon her thinking of breaking up with me had no more thought than 1 month. Does this seem short? Shes serious about the break up but im thinking it was quite a short time to go from happy to break up, with a bit of gigs involved, maybe it was not a 100% sure decision on her bit?


oh yeah and she wanted to remain friends but we decided last night its too hard seeing each other so we're staying clear for a while

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People fake it. It could be that she was unhappy for an additional 2-3 months before you noticed anything, but was keeping a happy face on it, in the hope that she'd get over it and feel the same again. But then when she didn't, it started to show through.


Chances are she was thinking about it for some time before you realised.

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I think we both thought about being single last year for periods of time.


Your probably right, it was on her mind but didn't think seriously about it till some other guy showed interest and I think it may have sealed the deal (nb she is not with him...but admitted she had small feelings for him). Im suprised she never said anything to me though, like lets work on our relationship or try see where it is going wrong...


Anyone else have input or thoughts into people who appear to break up fairly suddenly?

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Being young and certain that other men or women are interested in you who show promise of better sex and new found excitement which the LTR has lost can make someone wish they were single and become different.


Often making you feel like you are all of a sudden expected to walk a very very thin line where anything, even things you used to do become a very over exaggerated issue.


Then you know the end is nigh.

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When we are in love we do often dismiss those warning signs as ust a little bump when in fact it's the beginning of the rocky road off the cliff.


Yep, that's exactly the problem. It's only until we're dumped or the relationship is broken and we start to analyze the "why's" do we realize the little signs we failed to miss.

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