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Is she flirting with me/Is she interested


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A girl and I used to live in the same street years ago (when we were young...i'm 26 now, think she's 24).


Met her maybe 4 months ago in a bar and we got chatting. She confirmed if I was who she thought. When I said I was that person, she said ""Are u Paul Vaughn? You were notorious as the bad boy of Round Street !!"


I did have a bit of a rep for being a 'bad boy' lol (nothing could be further from the truth nowadays) and she was always really quiet back then...wouldn't say boo to a ghost, lol


Today she found and added me on a social networking site and I initiated a converstation (though messages on her page, not the messenger system)


Went like this:


Me: Hey Sarah. How r u? I still laugh about what you said last time we met..."Are u Paul Vaughn? You were notorious as the bad boy of Round Street !!" lol


Her: Hey Paul...i'm fab thanks...lol you WERE the bad boy of the street lol you scared me so much i turned mute in you're presence hahah


Me: haha well I got it out my system early...i'm a good boy now, lol. I just thought u were just the shy & quiet type...didn't know it was me that was the reason ;~) lol


Her: yeah it was the opposite for me lol nah it was only you


Me: Oh really? Did u take notes from me? lol. Well don't be shy next time you see me, come over and talk to me...I won't bite ;~)


Her: yeah but i might..



Now...I'm really bad at this & is why i'm asking you guys...is she flirting?


If so, how should I respond to this? Was thinking of replying with "Really?,,,I wouldn't mind that at all"




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Seems like she is.


Ask her out.


U think? What do I reply to what she said? As I said, what about:


"Really?,,,I wouldn't mind that at all" and wait to see what she says




"Really?,,,I wouldn't mind that at all. Would u want to go out for a drink sometime & catch up?"

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