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Text Messages = No sex


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So far I've met two men, who I was interested in and thought they really liked me too, BUT so far all they've been doing is text messaging me. I'm like what the H*LL? MEN do you really think text messaging is going to get you anywhere?

This applies to both sexes, not just men...but seriously as much as I like technology and blah I still want to hear someones voice when they ask me out on a date! I love text messages but I do think there is an appropriate time and place for that. I'm not the type to linger on the phone for hours either.


Don't you think its ridicuolous sometimes when people can't even pick up the phone to ask a simple question??????? Or when people expect you to meet them somewhere, through text only. Arghh I'm so irritated. What are your thoughts on text messages and the game of love?

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I hate texting. I hate the phone period. I have it simply because it's a necessity.


I have a cousin who is like my sister and I love her to death, but she would rather text than call. I've been known to ignore her texts or call her right away after the first one depending on my mood.

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I totally agree. My guess is that text messaging has replaced the phone call because it doesn't produce as much anxiety. That and it's cheaper


I wouldn't be too thrilled with someone who wasn't willing to call. It's more to the point, which I like.


Everyone I know has a certain phone plan (we live in a very rural area), so it is completely free to call each other...you have to pay extra for texting.

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I dont like talking on a the phone, but I realize that people have certain hang ups and want to communicate using a more personable method. If I can accomplish an act via text then I will, but this will vary from girl to girl if she responds to that method.


I dont adapt my method to what the girl prefers, if I cannot communicate with her in the manner that I like then, it is not going to work out with the girl. The idea here is that the person doing the initiating has the choice to communicate in any method that they see fit.

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I think people should just call in the beginning stages because to me that shows confidence and maturity. Dating is something that stresses me out quite a bit and I can understand the relief of being able to communicate via text, but even I will pick up the phone and call if I happen to be the one doing the initiating.


However if a guy DOES communicate solely via text or email at first, that is not a big deal to me. It is the age we live in.

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