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Is this a good way to think?

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So it has been 12 days since my break up.. and 12 days of NC. Like most stories, I have had my up days and my down days. And like most stories, I felt that my girlfriend and I were going to last forever even though we did have some obvious rough patches.. So I'm not going to tell you about my long and depressing story about how I got dumped and why, if you want to read more about it check out my other threads (and please do, I could still use a ton of advice on the situation).


What I am asking is if this is a good way to think about the break up. Back in high school, I met this girl who I thought was amazing. I had my first kiss with her and I was struck.. Little did I know was that she was a HUGE flirt and * * * * . She strung me along for about 2-3 months without me even really realizing it even though she was hanging out with other guys. It was seriously the most depressing time of my life, and I went behind my friends' backs for her and did some awful stuff and was truly in a depressed state for about 3ish months until I finally told myself I was done. Anyways, the girl that I was in a 2.5 year relationship with dumped me, and I always think back to that first time I was truly hurt and depressed by a girl whenever I feel really down. I know this is completely different, as the first girl (but the first real girl that ever gave me attention) was a fling AT BEST and my exgirlfriend was someone who I really thought was the one.


The reason I am looking back at this is because once I was truly over that first high school fling, I was the most confident guy there was. Girls were really attracted to me and I didn't even realize they liked me. It was when I had that confidence that I found the girlfriend that I had for 2.5 years. While I was strung along by that high school girl I had 0 self confidence and felt like crap all the time. Once I fully got over her was when I really found myself and became a great, confident person again! So should I keep thinking that if I keep working at getting over my ex I will regain this self confidence again and be happy yet again, since it did happen at a smaller scale earlier in life??


I hope this makes sense and I'm not just on an endless rant... haha. any help would be really appreciated!

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