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Scar turned purple....can anyone help?


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Several years ago I started cutting, and after about three years of doing it pretty regularly I've managed to take control of my bad habit for the most part. It's very rare that I cut now...I have to be feeling REALLY bad and desparate. About a month ago I had a slip up, and cut myself five times on the inside of my thigh. Everything had been healing normally, but suddenly today one of the scars has turned a deep purple color. All the other scars are light pink and barely visible. This has never happened to me with any other scars before. This cut was the deepest of the five but I've had worse. Does anyone know what could be causing this and what I can do to get it to heal normally?

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An infection?

Swelling? Tender to the touch? Seems warm? Discharge?

Honestly, if it hasn't gone away in a day or two (and/or gotten worse), then u r going to have to seek medical attention (since it just may get worse and worse until u get medical attention, 1 way or another). Don't feel bad - these things happen; only thing is not to ignore them.

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