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Assignment let me go, should I include on resume?


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Hi all

So I was updating my resume since I've been unemployed and have been job searching for about a year. I've had interviews but it turns out I wasn't the candidate. Anyways, I worked for a temporary agency in 2008 for about a month and they got me 2 positions within that month. Long story short, both of those positions let me go. Now of course I have reasons for not being able to cope, but nobody ever wants to hear them (I was the only one managing the family at the time since my mother was sick, etc etc).

Anyways, my question is: should I both to include that company (the temp agency) in my resume? It was only for a month while I was employed elsewhere concurrently (working nights), and I'm sure I don't have good references from them due to what happened.


Thanks much everyone

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No. The purpose of a resume is to accent your strengths. You want to put your long-term jobs on there, ones relevant to the position you're applying for. It is not meant as a confessional where you write down all your sins.


Now, when you go to fill out a formal job application, it may ask you to list all previous jobs or it may ask you to list all previous jobs that you were at for more than a month (had an app like this). This is where you want to disclose.

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my resume just seems so bad. 4 of the 5 companies I used to work for are no longer around, so I can't get any good reference from them, only employment verification.

The other company just trash talks all their former employees

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