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What distinguishes a great relationship from an okay one?

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Some relationships are not as fulfilling as others. What do you think are distinguishing characteristics of a great relationship vs. those that are just okay?


Examples of characteristics that come to my mind are: 1) that you're both working toward a common goal in life and 2) that each person encourages to continue positive growth in life.


Based on your experience (and not fantasy), what are some other ways of telling a great relationship apart from one not as fulfilling?

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-mutual respect.

-trust helps.

-allowing space and time for the relationship to change... & and for the ppl in the relationships to change or to have time to grow... if that kind of makes sense?! Essentially, giving space to someone when they need it.

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And, also, when that trust is broken, for whatever reason, it is hard to get that trust back... it doesn't even have to be cheating -- if that trust is compromised somehow and if someone uses or shares information you've told them about yourself and they tell others, then... the relationship is doomed. Doomed, I tell ya! You've gotta kick the guy to the curb. (From personal experience, yup)

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Mutual respect for each other which is naturally there at all times. Automatically knowing when space is needed, basically its a great relationship when both people are in perfect sync with each other - physically, emotionally etc


A feeling of safety and secureness which never leaves you. Knowing you can talk about anything and everything at watever time with that person without having to worry that it may upset/stress them.


Just generally feeling really happy when with or around or even the thought of that person.

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