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Ex says I love you


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My ex last night didnt drunk dial me, didnt drunk text me, she drunk facebook messages me. We just started talking to each other again about a month ago. And last night she said in her fb message to me "so im drunk and I love you." Now first off let me state that I thought if this day came Id get those feelings for her. I do have feelings for her still but I didnt really care that she said that to me.

What Im asking is if did she really mean it? And how should I respond to it, cause I dont know how to lol. I was thinking of say either "Id love me too. Bet you regret saying that","Do you really mean that" or "Thank you"

Haha any suggestions?

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haha i like the "bet you regret saying that" but i don't actually think you should say that. I'm sure she does regret it. i would just ignore it. assume it doesn't really mean anything since she was drunk and if it did mean something, it will bother her that you didn't say anything and she will bring it up again herself.

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she tells you, she loves you drunk? ask her to say it sober! unless she was sober and just said she was drunk to mask her true feelings, may even be testing the water, so if you rejected her she could always turn round and say "i was drunk, sorry" tell her to grow up!

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So she wrote me back without me saying anything. She said "haha I sent that message to everyone. I'm sorry. I got too drunk. Please don't take that more than just a friendship thing. again sorry for that message"


Lol shes retarded


She apparently feels stupid enough that she had to follow up with you on it... There's gotta be feelings involved in that.

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My feelings towards it is that she really does have those feelings. But we were trying to work on a friendship and see where that takes us. I think she just responded to me saying that she doesnt mean it and just meant it as a friend thing to try and cover it up. I dont really care either way. I just want to go about it where she doesnt think I feel that way towards her with the next thing I say to her. So I was thinking of just saying something Lol dont worry about it. Or going off as a joke saying No you already said it so you meant it. You cant take it back.

If I said the second one to her she would probably know I was joking and we'd go from there, if she didnt then she is just dumb.

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