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I had the upper hand now I feel humiliated

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He SET ME UP! For the passed 4 days hes been texting me sayin “that he cant forget about me, that he knows I said we cant be friends but he cant just not talk to me or act like I dont exist” well I was ignoring all these until he had to come over and get his stuff and sat down and chilled with me and talked to me and touched me and kissed me like he missed me soo much!! And was nice well I was standoffish (but accepting) of the behavior and I was stand off –ish because you know we haven’t even talked about the break up all this time so it was odd…well yesterday he came over bc I honestly thought we could be friends and who else to be friends with than him. (even after what hes done) well we start talking and I asked him for a hug and he laughed in my face!!



My feelings were torn, we got in a conversation where he told me we would never be back together BECAUSE I KICKED HIM OUT OF THE HOUSE (didn’t recognize WHY I did it…example of one reason of break up : he told me that since we had been arguing he hadn’t had sex and if I didn’t have it with him he was gonna be a man and do what he wanted to do) He said that I caused this…I told him I knew we weren’t going to be together but HES THE ONE THAT SUGGESTED BEING FRIENDS and I didn’t know I was gonna start getting treated different (specially after he came over before being loving) he told me I should accept that hes gonna act however he wants towards me and he started to leave said he knew this would be a pity party well I humiliated myself and asked him to hug me and he refused, I told him since it was the last we would see of each other that I wanted to leave on a good note (yes I felt strongly about him regardless of the sh*tty things hes done) . well after a horrible and humiliating confrontation he left ….



He then proceeded (I didn’t start it) to text me saying that I was crazy and couldn’t be friends, so I said yeah I get that. So Im gonna forget you and that’s that..well he kept texting me saying “ you fired me and someone else will hire me” and I kept answering him but kept telling him to leave me alone because things are clear to me..well he kept saying that I prob replaced him with someone else already…etc etc….I deleted him from my phone..but I feel so bad because I had the upper hand and now hes taken that from me…he made me tell him how I felt about him and he rejected me…and I FEEL LIKE SH*T



UPDATE: 10:35am just received a txt saying "goodmorning friend"




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You still have the upper hand because you are wise to his games and are not going to fall for them anymore. I guarantee there will be more, eventually trying to make you jealous with another woman. All his games will be designed to bring you down. You've now seen what happens when you give him the slightest bit of trust.


Learn from this and stay strong. Even if he is temporarily nice to you, it is because he wants to control you again. Don't let him get to you.

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He 'tricked' you into being friendly so he could reject you because he couldn't handle the fact that YOU ended it? So he 'set you up' so he can go tell his friends that you were ready to take him back, but he rejected you?


Explain to me why you aren't laughing at HIM at this point? That's just childish and pathetic. Be glad to see the back of him walking away.


uugh. Forget about who had/has "the upper hand". You're out of a relationship with someone who obviously cares only about his own needs and feelings. Someone who threatened to get sex somewhere else if you didn't put out whenever he wanted?


Why are you even bothered by this. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


If he or anyone else tries to say that he rejected you, just smile and say "Whatever gets you [him] to sleep at night." and walk away. The important thing is it's O-V-E-R.


Don't sink to his level of game playing.

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I agree, you should be laughing at him because this man is quite pathetic. He doesn't have both oars in the water judging from your other threads. He is a mess. As much as you think you humiliated yourself, he has been humiliating himself this whole time but he is too stupid to realize that. Walk away from this poor excuse of a man. Real men don't treat people the way he is treating you.

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Yep as long as you don't buy into his games you will still have the upper hand. My ex is like this too...he called me to apologize yet again after I went strict NC with him. Since I wasn't completely mean to him he thought everything was okay between us again "as friends". Not!!

We all slip up sometimes, just go back into NC if friendship is not what you want right now. It's really all about an ego boost or control for them I think.

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