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Nervous! What do you do?

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I have an interview today!


I haven't interviewed for a job in about three years because I've been relatively happy where I am, and since the recession I've applied to the odd job but not had any responses - to be fair because the admin market is full to bursting in my city apparently. So... I'm pretty nervous.


Even worse, my mum had a stomach bug the last few days and what did I wake up with this morning? The same bug. Not vomiting thank god, but there is the possibility of painful stomach cramps at any time during the day. Bleh.


The thing I'm most dreading is that this will be in three parts - presentation about the company, group interview, then solo interviews with the people they like from the group interview. I've never done a group interview. I am terrified. I interview by myself pretty well - I've never had an interview for a job and then not been offered it, so I must be doing something right. But group interviews?


I'm not an outspoken person, so I'm worried I'll get swamped by other people. I'm also worried it'll be all men (the job is an online moderation position, something I've done before in my spare time but never as paid work). I'm worried everyone will bond with their neighbour and I'll have no one to talk to. I'm worried about being the last person there. About walking into a room full of people. About being asked to provide examples of situations which show great service etc etc (I hate that 'give us an example' type of question). I'm also very worried that I won't be able to find a parking space and I'll be horribly late.


I forgot to bring my certificates for my IT NVQ and other IT courses I've done home with me so I'll just have to bring my CV and hope they don't ask for anything else - I've never actually been asked to show my qualifications in an interview but obviously since I can't, they probably will this time.


My handbag is dark brown but my skirt is black. Disaster!


I'll probably have to take a couple of Kalms tablets before I go, just so I don't jitter through the roof. What do other people do to calm down before an interview? Also - are group interviews the work of the devil? What happens in them?!

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Don't be so negative! lol They probably WON'T ask unless your body language makes them curious to see if you have it all with you.


Group interviews - don't be a mouse, don't dominate.


The thing I always do is remember that I am there to interview THEM in a sense - you want to know if this is the right job/place for you - so shift the emphasis from worrying about you to being curious about them.


If you feel worse, find soemone to quietly explain that you are not well and may have to suddenly leave the room. Best to do this before rather than explain later.


The group thing is partly about seeing whether you are going to disrupt or enhance a team, so bear that in mind. Also whether you are confident to contribute but not pushy... depending on the job you're going for of course.



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Thanks Speranza


I suppose the thing I hate most is that you can't prepare beyond a certain point. I was never nervous much about exams, because you could learn the answers and you knew what you were going to be tested on. Interviews, you have no way of knowing exactly what they'll say.


You're right though, this is also about whether I want to work for them... the job description was vague about the long term possibilities of the position, and I'm wondering if it's a stable option. If it is then fantastic but I may go there and find it's a two-bit operation with no stability.


Man am I nervous though two hours to go, I'm going to leave half an hour early and bring a book so I have time to find a space and buy a parking ticket without rushing, then I can always sit and read until it's time. I figure I'll try to be in the door at quarter to, almost ten to, I really hate to be the last person there.

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If you feel yourself being quiet, then just try to be confident about it and keep a smile on your face. If you feel confident, you'll appear confident, even if you're not saying anything. Try to make a lot of eye contact.


You can actually do much better with few words if you choose your words wisely and if you look confident and comfortable with yourself. Someone that is loud and yaps a lot can easily become obnoxious.


I've read your posts and I've always thought you presented yourself as confident.


The handbag and skirt thing sounds like a major problem, though

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Thanks OntheWire. It's a shame it's not an online interview because I do far better with people when there's a keyboard between us


Well, on further assessment I think the bag will be okay - I'm all rigged out now in said skirt (well, dress) and have tried the bag, and it's such a dark brown that it's probably okay.... just another thing to stress about.


I drove down there this morning just to make sure there were parking spaces! It's all office workers round there and I was starting to worry I'd not get parked but there are definitely some spaces still. But I'll have to early just in case other people coming for the interview get them!


Under an hour till I have to leave now. Feeling shaky. I'm sure once I get in there and it begins I'll feel way better, but right now the anticipation is killing me.

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Thanks for the luck guys just got back, went better than I was expecting but it's hard to judge what they thought of me... I was in luck though, they'd whittled it down from over a hundred applicants apparently, they were expecting 14 interviewees today and only 8 of us turned up! Hopefully that gives me an even better chance.


I've seen the rescue remedy stuff Pinns, I'll have to get some. I actually felt calmer parked outside even though I was super-early, than I did sitting in the house.

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Great! Did you WANT the job? When do you hear?


Apparently Monday or Tuesday I should hear


I think I want the job. One the one hand it sounds like something I'd enjoy, it's a very small company and the pay is an increase on what I am currently getting.


On the other hand (as my very practical mother points out) it doesn't sound as stable as my current position. My current job is going nowhere, this new one would be with a relatively new company in a completely new position, working on a website. I know any company can fold and some of the big names have, but it's still daunting.


Still! Depends if I even get offered it. My boss will hate me if I leave... herself and one of the other receptionists are both pregnant so she's already looking for other staff.

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What are your reasons for leaving? I'm currently in the process of applying for something whch will mean a bit of a drop in salary - but although ON PAPER my current job is wonderful, I feel as though my soul is being sucked dry... NO money compensates for that!!

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Well, in my case the money is slightly better. The company I work for avoid giving raises, ever, so none of us have had an increase in years. There's also no opportunity for promotion unless my boss dies.


I love the people and I'll be gutted cos I'll miss the births of two babies, but I can't hang around just to watch someone elses life happen!


Good luck with getting your job! Money doesn't really make up for it if your brain is turning to mush all day

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So I haven't heard anything today. The interviewer did say it'd be either Monday or Tuesday as they would be talking about it on Monday. Couldn't get off to sleep properly last night for thinking about it, been checking my phone all day.... if I don't hear tomorrow, I might explode.


I'm not even 100% sold on the job, depends on the hourly rate being confirmed, times they offer, holidays, sick leave etc, but until I know either way I feel like I can't really get on with either applying to other jobs, or deciding to go for this one!

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