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am i over analyzing this?


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this might be stupid but, i want to get a 3rd view from it.


i was at the gym, and these 2 girls come in to talk to the front desk person, and just hang. it was 1am and i guess they were bored.


they come out to the gym area and go to the ab area. there is a guy next to them trying to talk to them, and im on the otherside with my headphones on but im like damn, they are not into him because there bodies are facing the otherway kinda with their arms crossed.


then they start walking into my area, i said to myself shes kinda cute make sure to smile and make eye contact. as they get closer before i even locked eyes she gave me a smile and i smiled back. she instantly looks alway, but i cant figure out if this was out of shyness etc.


they hang right by me, just messing around. the girl that smiled i noticed her body lang is facing me the whole time, even when talking to her friend. we even made eye contact a few times. i felt like she was talking to me and not her friend.


im thinking to myself they came over to try and talk to me. im reallyyy shy so i was thinking about making a joke like "thats not how you do it!" but it just didnt happen.


i think they were there for 2mins, maybe even less. then they went back to the ab area.


am i over analyzing this?

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